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D6 High School State Team 2022-2023

D6 Tentative Rodeo Schedule 2023-2024



August 13th at 3pm                                                   JANUARY 26-28 2023

MANDATORY Membership Meeting                          Porterville Fairgrounds

Caruthers Fairgrounds Building                               (Districts 5, 7, and 6)

13599 S Raider Ave, Caruthers, CA 93609              JH BOTH DAYS

Notary on site                                                            (D6 Members ATV TICKETS DUE @Check IN)

SEPTEMBER 15-17 2023                                          FEBRUARY 10-12 2023

Oakdale Rodeo Grounds                                           Salinas Valley Fairgrounds

(Districts 5,6)                                                            (Districts 4, 5, and 6)

JH BOTH DAYS                                                           JH SATURDAY ONLY

                                                                                    (Cut off for Challenge of Champions)


OCTOBER 28-30 202                                              MARCH 3-5 2023

Coarsegol-d Rodeo Grounds                                      Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds

(District 5 and 6)                                                        (Districts 5 and 6)

JH BOTH DAYS                                                           JH BOTH DAYS

(D6 members sponsorship due before or at check IN)                                  (D6 members Silent auction items and sell 2 adult                                                                                                                                     dinner tickets due @check In)                       


NOVEMBER 11-13 2022                                             MARCH 8 2024

Oakdale Rodeo Grounds                                             D6 Booster Fundraiser Dinner

(Districts 5 and 6)                                                       Wolf Lakes- Sanger

JH BOTH DAYS                                                             (Dessert auction items needed)

NOVEMEBER 18- 20 2022                                          MARCH 15-17 2024

MID STATE CLASSIC                                                    Challenge of Champions

Paso Robles Fairgrounds                                            Plymouth, CA

(District's  4,6, and 7)                                                   (Top 3 in each district/event)

HIGH SCHOOL ONLY                                                     HIGH SCHOOL ONLY

                                           APRIL 14-16

                                Coarsegold Rodeo Grounds

                                    (District 6 finals rodeo)

                             Awards banquet Sunday @ 9am




                                   ** All dates and locations subject to change**



Thank you to Curtis Jensen (Bullseye Imaging) the official photographer of District 6 


Mackennzee Flack

2023-24 CHSRA District 6 Queen


Hi! My name is Mackennzee Flack. I am the new 2023-2024 CHSRA District 6 Rodeo Queen. My parents are Shannon and Eric Flack and we live in Fresno, CA. I attend Clovis East high school where I am an active FFA  member. In high school rodeo I compete in barrel racing and pole bending. I would like to tell everyone good luck, have fun and stay safe!



Rodeo Entries

All rodeo entries are due 2 weeks prior to the event date. Click here to see a list of current events that are open for entry.



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Rule Book

Every contestant should know and understand the rules of each event. Click here to view our rule book

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