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Dear New and returning District 6 Families,


Welcome to the CHSRA Sensational District 6 Rodeo Team! We are glad you are a member of our district and would like to take a minute to share some valuable information. We hope the info listed below will help you all, yet encourage each one of you to read the rule book and know our State and District bylaws.


Entries: All rodeo entries are done online. There are late entries with a charge. NEW this year if the rodeo secretary has to go in a nd make changes to your entry you will be charged $25 and must be paid in order to check in to compete at the rodeo.  Each school verification forms must be signed and stamped by your school as well.  Make sure to give your school plenty of time to sign the form. Delays could make your entry late. Holidays, vacations and administrative days off can keep you from rodeoing so plan ahead. Original signatures and stamps are the only acceptable entry, no faxes, copies or texts. If you have any issues with entries, contact the hosting district secretary, not our district. ( See D6 bylaws for most current rules on grades)

Rodeo check in: Check in times will be posted on the entry form and/or websites. If you are going to be late it’s your responsibility to call the rodeo secretary of the hosting district and notify her you are on your way. Only you can check yourself in and must be in dress code (including hat, boots, long sleeve western shirt) with membership card.


Report Cards: It is very important that you upload your report card and progress report every time you receive one to your NHSRA portal. CHSRA requires all members to maintain a 2.0 GPA for each grading period issued during the year and passing grades in a minimum of 4 classes to remain in good standing to compete in rodeos. If the membership secretary has to ask for your report card it may be too late! It is the member’s reasonability to keep current grades on file. In the event that a GPA on a report card falls below a 2.0 GPA requirement, a member will not be eligible to rodeo until the next issues grading period when grades must be at least a 2.0 GPA. If a member becomes ineligible, grades are not turned in on time, grades are changed by a member or their parents, no emails will be accepted, the member will not rodeo.


Associate Membership: Requirement of District 6 is one paid associate membership must accompany each student membership application. CHSRA rule book requires anyone in the arena, around chute areas, and stock working areas are to be in western attire (including hat, boots, long sleeve western shirt.)


Dress Code: ALL contestants are required to be in dress code in and around the arena during all rodeo/events/performances, even if watching in the stands. (Includes cutting and reined cow horse). Contestants are to wear their back number during the duration of the rodeo. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


Chain of Command: High school rodeo has a specific procedure for any questions, problems, or protests that need to be followed. It is important for each student and their parent to remember[JT1]  this procedure or risk disqualification. Every event has a student director, this is the 1st person that only the student may go to in the occurrence of a question, problem or protest. Never go to the judges!!! Parents are not part of the process either. Student to student director. Always know who the student director is for your events and always know the rule book for your event as well. This is unlike any other junior rodeo or sports event. The students are the ones that are supposed to handle any problems that may occur through this chain of command.


Alcohol and Drugs: As a reminder, NHSRA rule book states: No alcohol or drugs will be tolerated at any high school rodeo performance by anyone (adults included). No tobacco product use by any contestant will be tolerated at high school rodeo performances. Action will involve disqualification by judges, executive committee, arena director or National director. No alcohol or tobacco patches, stickers or advertising allowed on attire or equipment.


Points: The CHSRA point system is 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. High school has 2 goes and an average awarded at each rodeo. The average is awarded on the times, not the points. If they are not enough times in 2 goes the average points will then go to the next fast times in one go. Junior high has 1 go and no average. Year end points are the total of all rodeos and the standings at the end of the year will determine the placings and points to qualify for attending State Finals and the amount of points carried into state. State champions and National teams are determined by a point system as well. Each contestant must compete in 50% of the schedule rodeos plus one and in good standing to be able to receive year end awards. (Challenge of champions doe NOT count towards point or rodeo eligibility)

Obligations: Each member must fulfill all district 6 obligations.

$250 sponsorship due at check in at the November 2023 rodeo

Sell 2 dinner tickets and bring 1 auction item $50 value for our D6 dinner March 8, 2024 at Wolf Lakes in Sanger

Sell 15 ATV tickets due at check in at the January rodeo

Sell raffle tickets for our D6 raffle at the March Chowchilla 2024 rodeo (Details to come and the amount of tickets you will be required to sell)

Seniors help put on the fundraiser dinner March 8, 2024- Wolf Lakes

Vests: If a member qualifies for Challenge of Champions (top 3 in each event) or State Finals Rodeo (top 5 in each event) they will need a District 6 vest to compete. Each contestant is responsible for having a vest made.

Volunteering:  There are many positions that need to be filled either. We are always looking for timers, gate help, and announcing, set up/take down at our rodeos,  Everything goes smoother and faster if everyone pitches in, Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do something we will train you. Each member and one parent will be  required to work at each rodeo. Details to come


District 6 is truly sensational!!!

Stay up to speed with our website , Facebook page or Instagram page. Also watch for emails and feel free to call with any questions. We look forward to yet another great year!

If you have any questions please contact Morgan Boos, D6 Membership Secretary:,or (559) 824-7710.


***This is simply a handout (not the rules or bylaws) to help you as new and returning families. It ultimately is your responsibility to read the NHSRA rule book , D6 by laws and CHSRA  rule book and by laws and follow it.***

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